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So you wanna run away and join the circus?
We’re always looking for a few good freaks. Send your resume and cover letter
to, and please use the job title as the subject line. 

If youre a creative, please include a link to your portfolio.


Traffic Coordinator

In this case, the kind of freak we need is an organization freak, bordering on control freak. But you can't be too freaky, because that would freak us out. Interested? Keep reading.

A traffic coordinator is responsible for the internal coordination, expediting and scheduling of creative work through the agency. Assigns a step-by-step schedule of completion to each of the jobs as they come into the agency. Provides internal status report of all active jobs and coordinates movement of all jobs, tracking and/or physically moving jobs from one step of completion to another. Provides timely warning to various departments regarding problems in the scheduled workflow that could reduce the efficiency of operations. 

If you found the typo, you're halfway there!


Need person make words right sentence too sometimes make lots. 

Think you can do better? Send us a link to your portfolio. Ideally, you have a few years of real world experience in a real world ad agency. For reals.