Out With The Old...

And in with the new. Window, that is. We're in the final phase of changing out the windows in our early 20th-century Vermont headquarters building. Thirty-one in all.

And tomorrow, it's my turn. Or, rather, my office window's turn. The contractor, Barry Nelson, is by now very skilled at the dance. Hang some plastic to protect us from the elements (it's April in Vermont), cut out the old one with a Sawzall while hanging from a mechanical lift, fit and hang the new 20-pane Pella double-insulated window, caulk and paint, and clean up. Voila!

And the purpose? To save money and energy and the planet. Just doing our part.

And the side benefits? A crystal clear view of Lake Champlain and the ancient Adirondacks beyond. And quiet from the street and traffic below.

Watch for tomorrow's post. I'm looking forward to the renewed view of my favorite lake and mountains.