5 Little Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Social Media Effort

1. Twitter. Don’t hit the retweet button and share mindlessly. Share thoughtfully by grabbing the content, pasting it into your message window and adding your two cents. Curated tweets are best-served with your point-of-view. 2. Pinterest. Add the “Pin it” button to your website and watch what happens.

3. Facebook. Instead of just asking a question, use a poll to gather data from your friends. It also makes it fun for them to see what’s trending.

4. Twitter. Pick a trending topic and tweet about it…again, thoughtfully. Don’t make the mistake Kenneth Cole did when they used the #Cairo hashtag.

5. Blogging. Snap a cool picture and share it as a blog post. Sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

What’s your quick tip? Share it with us here.