8 Ways to Tell If You’re a News Junkie

colbert3What’s your favorite news source, Facebook, Buzzfeed, or an actual newspaper? Do you follow, or flee from, current events? Here’s a quick Buzzfeed-style quiz to see how newsie you really are. 1. When in midtown Manhattan, you’d rather visit the CBS Broadcast Center than DCB (Dylan’s Candy Bar).

2. You wish Google Alerts provided another option – Before-it-happens – in addition to As-it-happens, Once a day, and Once a week.

3. You’re grateful for time zones – there’s always breaking news somewhere in the world.

4. You’re conflicted about John Stewart and Steven Colbert. They’re comedians, but they’re so spot on sometimes you find yourself sharing LMAO links with friends.

5. You’re excited when it’s Monday again because there’s more news that’s fit to print.

6. You can’t count – or don’t want to – how many news-related apps are on your phone.

7. You open a new tab and all of your top sites are newsfeeds.

8. During pledge drives, you immediately switch from Vermont Public Radio to North Country Public Radio to find your favorite news. (Of course, you still donate to VPR.)

Some people say that journalism is dying. It’s not, but it’s evolving dramatically.

The Pew Research Journalism Project opens: “In many ways, 2013 and early 2014 brought a new level of energy to the news industry not seen for a long time.”

Buzzfeed is now (semi) legit. Mashable is adding staff, and they hail from places like The New York Times. Jeff Bezos invested $250 million for old-school newspaper The Washington Post.

Today, half of all social network users share or repost news stories, images or videos. Online news video is indeed hot, growing ad revenue by 44 percent from 2012 to 2013. And large media companies have all started or invested more in Hispanic news programming.

Our world, and how we report on it, continues to evolve. But there’s still a place for dozens of news apps on your phone.

If you were a Buzzfeed reporter, what true news junkie confessions would you add to the list above? Don’t be shy.

(Photo credit: Comedy Central)