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Get a job.


So you wanna run away and join the circus?
We’re always looking for a few good freaks. Send your resume and cover letter
to, and please use the job title as the subject line. 

If youre a creative, please include a link to your portfolio.


Account Director

Pop quiz: Do you work for us, or do you work for our clients? Hint: The answer is "Yes."

We're looking for an Account Director that can speak several different languages, including Creative, Strategy, Digital, Media, Metrics, Planning, and basic English. This person must also play well with others. While we are an Equal Opportunity Employer, we try not to hire mean people.


Do you prefer organization to chaos? Better yet, can you keep things organized when chaos surrounds you? Do you play well with others? Can you juggle? (Metaphorically speaking, but it would be cool if you could actually circus juggle.) 

We’re looking for a Project Manager with at least a year or two of project management/juggling experience. 

Freelance Digital Production

Were looking for people who know their way around the Creative Suite. What's a Creative Suite? If you dont know the answer, stop reading. If you do, please send some samples of your work. Wed love to pay you a competitive wage to help us out.

Being able to work on-site at our office in Burlington is preferable. If the first few dates go well, there is possibility for full-time employment.