Yeah, we know... “Sustainable” is one of the most over-used buzzwords in the history of humankind.

While many companies use the word with false pretense, we actually walk the walk. And we have decades of experience working with brands that also walk the walk.


Some recent work.

This was a campaign for Nellie’s Cage Free Eggs that featured digital, print and out-of-home.


We know how to move product

These are some of the brands we’ve helped in the Sustainability category.

Case Study


Sustain Condoms is America’s
first sustainable condom
product created for women.


Sustain, introduced by Jeffrey Hollender,
founder of Seventh Generation, has three simple principles:

Create a sustainable product.
Enhance women’s reproductive health options.
Do business with total transparency.


Our challenge was twofold. We needed to introduce a sustainable condom to a market
unaware of the health risks associated with condoms and focus on women. Fifty percent of condom buyers are women, yet none of the major condom companies are focused on them.

KSV developed the logo, packaging and tagline.


Distribution goals were
exceeded by 30%

While sales exceeded expectations.


Case Study

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation had worked hard over the years to establish itself as a leader in “green” consumer goods.


After a long run as the only player in the game, its position
was suddenly being challenged by mainstream companies who
were jumping into “green” with both feet and deep pockets.
Our challenge was to set Seventh Generation apart.

We know there’s more to “green” than a pretty label. People who bought green household products, mainly moms, were actually driven to them out of safety concerns. For these moms, green simply meant the products wouldn’t harm their kids, and that was all that mattered.

We helped launch the Seventh Generation Nation, a community of active mothers
who shared a passion for family health and safety. A partnership with WebMD
helped educate moms about the benefit of non-toxic products.
A multi-channel campaign fueled the community and increased followers.


Membership grew at
or above 10% each month.

Currently has 1.2 million+ Facebook fans and tens of
thousands of moms joined the Seventh Generation Nation.